Designing and Making Contemporary Hand Crafted Furniture and Accessories

After my first experience of working with wood in school, I've always found myself looking forward to when I can get back to the workshop and make something else. Ever since then I have followed the path of furniture making and later graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA in Furniture Design.

My design process is inspired by many traditional styles and designers such as Shaker, Eames, Ercol, Scandinavian, Memphis and Japanese woodwork. As well as drawing inspiration from the world of design, I'm also influenced by the natural forms produced by wood. From this it is my goal to re-interpret the character and functionality of these designs for modern life.

The intention behind everything I make is to create quality products that are built to last, I hope that the products I make will be around for generations and will look as good then as they do now.

By combining traditional woodworking methods along with modern tools I am able to create products with their own individual character at a reasonable price. As I design and make everything myself I get to ensure that each piece is made with great care and attention to detail.

All of the wood I use in making my products is sustainably sourced and when available, sourced as locally as possible. Utilising simple manufacture techniques I can work sustainably too, making everything by hand allows me to manage the waste I produce to a minimum. It is very important to me that I take responsibility for the affect my work has on the environment.

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